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Saturday, January 29, 2005

CenterLines Electronic News Bulletin #115

From the US of A - CenterLines. Wait a couple of days until #115 is available on the site. Think I kicked off this blog back in Aug 2004 with a link to the (then) most recent bulletin. Like many, I'm despairing of much of what the US produces either in the media, culture or any form of intelligent discourse, but CenterLines is a superb ‘heads up’ to what several agencies are attempting to do at the coalface of social change.

For another example of a pluristic approach to cycling and sustainable transport, refer to either
BikeBiz and Bike For All. Australia desperately requires a centralised news source such as these if cycling is to overcome petty tribal differences, rival NGO's under cutting and overlapping each other, and the heavy, unhealthy influence of the bicycle industry dictating to consumers what THEY think the rest of us really need in a bike.

In other news, CM didn't get rained on (yay!), bad news, our fave LBS had the front door smashed (boo! hiss!)