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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Critical Mass around the world

That must be Takver, hmm, who's that sexy chick on the left????

Ah, New Years! We watched the fireworks display up on the golf course at Yarra Bend, could easily see the smoke residue drifting between the buildings. $$$ should of been spent for the Asian Tsunami Appeal. sigh. As for the Ride that Dare Not Speak It's Name, after Swan Street it turned into a dogs breakfast that when t*ts up, at least the bit along Burnley Wharf was a peaceful & relaxing jaunt. sigh again. Had a lovely BBQ with Recumbenteer, Philbike2020 & the very sexy Bikesoiler along the banks of the Yarra. Back to CM, at least you're bound to be disappointed somewhat with the mixed results. Sometimes happily, but that's another story...

On the right, a gentleman who rode 20,000km around Australia, left, there's that chick again.
(photos courtesy of MitH)

NY ressies? Finish the long-running road bike saga, major work on the Dean SS (wheelset, eno & powercoat), re-build the commuter on Felt MTB frame, rebuild 3 townies, one needs a powercoat, one is existing commuter frame in use thats being spec'ed down to a supermarket/pub bike, the other is a pre-1920's machine to be restored. Not forgetting a couple of cycling-related websites that need to be done in 2005, will avoid Flash after reading recent comments on another thread......Oh, yes must do more riding once I've had some repairs done too.

Anyway, Alpine Classic in a few weeks, I'm not up any of the rides due to a lack of training and/or bike but am entertaining the idea of a genteel 50km r/t jaunt up to Hariettville on either Sat/Sun. Either that or hand out refreshments as a volunteer on the day, still thinking about it. Enough of Melbourne ramblings, now back to international CM News....

Critical Mass Portland hassled too
It seems the cops of the world are determined to hassle Critical Mass even in Winter in Portland Oregon.It's New Year's Eve. Thousands of motorists are preparing to operate heavy machinery under the influence of alcohol. Portland Police are busy harassing cyclists. Due to heavy rains, blowing winds, and cold temperatures, Critical Mass turnout for December Critical Mass was even smaller than years of police harassment have made it. Despite only 5 riders meeting at North Park blocks, PoPo had a large presence.

Critical Impasse
The NYPD has lost yet another round in its legal battle against the Critical Mass bike ride. On Thursday, December 23, U.S. District judge William H. Pauley denied the city's request for an injunction that would prevent Critical Mass cyclists from gathering and riding without city permits. Judge Pauley's ruling was a victory for cyclists, but only a defensive one. It doesn't do anything to stop the NYPD's aggressive crackdown on cyclists. The real benefits of Bray vs. City of New York will likely be felt in the long-term. Attorney Norman Siegel's legal team is shedding public light on the irrationality of New York City's dysfunctional, car-oriented transportation policies and the NYPD's role in enforcing them.

Bloomberg Warns Critical Mass Over New Year's Ride
We know about the big events for Dec. 31, but the end of the year is also happens to be the last Friday of the month, and besides all those revelers, it also means the monthly protest ride of the environmental group known as Critical Mass.

Infoshop News - NYC Critical Mass: We Win!
Perhaps it was a fluke that happened because the cops were too busy fretting over possible terrorism or other trouble at times square (although it's not like that really stopped them at RNC), or perhaps the determination of NYC's cyclists to stand up for themselves & Judge Pauley's precedent-setting pro-cyclist rulings have finally gotten through to them. Either way, let's hope that New Year's Eve was a hint of things to come in 2005. December Critical Mass rolled deep with around 600-800 (my guess) participants, followed by an 'intermission' party at the Time's Up! space and a later ride of 200 or so to central park to watch the fireworks from belvedere castle.