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Sunday, January 02, 2005

The biggest disaster of a generation

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From Crikey:
"...Before leaping into any strong criticism of governments and media over the coverage and reaction to the Indian Ocean tsunamis, it should be acknowledged that this is one of the most difficult stories to cover and disasters to deal with. And it couldn't have happened at a time when more people were on holiday and tuned out.

That said, the response of media and government has been mixed and the resources being committed by both is rising by the day as the scale of the disaster becomes apparent. It was certainly a slow initial response from many key groups. George W Bush finally interrupted his Christmas vacation on his Texas Ranch on Wednesday American time to speak and the key message that came out of this was rejecting a sledge about stingy rich nations emanating from the United Nations...."

After watching the
ABC News tonight showing the devastion of Aceh, everything seems pointless by comparison. Trying to think about cycling related plans for 2005. inane. Trying to think about what we here in Australia can actually do. trivial. During the last few days, Artie Shaw passed away too. At least he had a great innings & relatively peaceful passing.

More on
Tsunami Relief via Google. Also, Wikipedia links
Australia captain Ricky Ponting will lead a Rest of the World team in the first of two cricket matches to raise funds for victims of the earthquake and tsunamis that killed 150,000 people in 11 countries. Ponting, 30, was one of five Australians named in a 12-man squad for the Jan. 10 one-day international against an Asia XI team at the 80,000-seat Melbourne Cricket Ground. A second game will take place in Asia in February or March.

Be there.