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Thursday, January 06, 2005

All wrong

Pledge steers F1 cars closer to city
Melbourne's city streets are almost certain to become a temporary formula one mini-circuit following a pledge of more than $100,000 from Melbourne City Council towards the Grand Prix's 10th anniversary celebrations. But formula one cars that take part in the pre-Grand Prix city demonstration may have to cover cigarette advertising to comply with state and federal laws. In November, The Age revealed that the Grand Prix corporation had asked the council to help fund and organise a demonstration run to mark a decade of the grand prix in Melbourne.

Fucking obscene waste of public money! Letter writing is in progress!

Herald Sun: Motorcyclist clocked at 245km
A Motorcyclist caught doing 145km/h over the speed limit has led Queensland police to appeal for road users to slow down. The rider was clocked travelling at 245km/h in a 100km/h zone near Ayr in the state's north yesterday, police said today.'That sort of behaviour is totally dangerous,' state Traffic Support Branch inspector John McCoomb said.

Road rage accelerates in women
After a passenger is critically hurt, experts say stress is fueling problems. Central Florida's latest reported road-rage incident involved female drivers, which doesn't surprise behavioral experts who say women, succumbing to media influences and the everyday pressures of work and family life, are being more combative on the roads.
Now I don't feel so guilty about suffering from bouts of Tourettes Syndrome during the afternoon commute, at least it's mildly amusing for anyone overhearing me having a attack of the Swear-o-trons. At least I'm not trying to kill anyone, just talking to one's self & letting off steam. Now, what was that about talking to yourself? ummmm