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Monday, January 17, 2005

No Oil in NZ, Renaissance in Singapore, Not So Fun in the UK, Paris & USA

Greens predict oil crisis in 10 years
An oil-free New Zealand is on the Green Party's agenda. At the party's 'Picnic for the Planet' on Waiheke Island yesterday, co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons warned of an oil crisis within 10 years.

Vote for pedal power !
Bicycle-friendly Singapore is first step to Renaissance City
The last time I rode a bicycle in Singapore, I narrowly missed hitting a pedestrian. The man had veered onto the East Coast Park bike track directly into my path, forcing me to stop so abruptly that I fell off my bike, in the most ungainly way possible. Yet to add insult to injury, I was the one called a "road menace.

Also, refer to thread on aus.bicycle

UK - 'Road Block' protest group formed
Road Block has warned direct action may become common. A new umbrella organisation has been set up to coordinate anti-road protests across Britain. Campaigners behind Road Block say they have formed the group because of proposals to build new motorways or widen existing ones.

Driven to despair, Paris heads for gridlock
Transport rows and vast traffic tailbacks are turning the city of light into the capital of road rage. To a tamer motorist, the haze of exhaust fumes rising amid a chorus of klaxons on the junction of Rue de Varenne and Rue Bourgogne would denote impossible gridlock. But plumber Manu Mota always finds a way.

USA - Nowhere to ride
How best to accommodate bicycles has pitted riders against home and business owners along A1A. The decision is up to the state. Broken and bleeding, the man staggered into the lobby of the oceanfront condominium and collapsed. A security guard called 911. Someone had been shot, the guard said. No, said 42-year-old John McCurdy, lying on the floor. He hadn't been shot. He had been hit by a car.