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Friday, January 07, 2005

Australian Cyclist January 2005 - News - CPF news: City of Yarra leads the way

The City of Yarra, Melbourne, has won the Cycling Promotion Fund's (CPF) national Bicycling Achievement Award for Contribution by Local Government to making Australia more bicycle friendly. The City of Yarra is adjacent to the Melbourne CBD and includes some of the city's oldest suburbs such as Richmond, Collingwood, Fitzroy, Carlton North, Clifton Hill and Alphington. It covers an area of 19.5 square kilometres with a population of close to 70,000 people.

Meanwhile, the City of Yarra can't be bothered putting this info up on the council's website. I've tried contacting both Access Yarra & Richard Smithers, but to no effect so far. Our local council wins national award but couldn't give a flying proverbial about promoting their achievements. Even if YarraBUG got invited to the opening of a small vegemite jar, I'd be letting everyone with earshot know about it....