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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Renewal of Australia Cycling: National Cycling Strategy - two minutes help needed, please!

Renewal of Australia Cycling - the National Cycling Strategy
The draft new National Cycling Strategy is up for public comment, but only until Monday (16th May).
The introduction is full of wonderful words about the importance of having a national cycling strategy and that what makes countries' strategies successful is dedicated funding and an implementation plan. This strategy has neither and shows only the total lack of commitment by the Commonwealth Government.

We need much more if the country is to benefit from health (and health budget), greenhouse gas emissions, air quality and other government, community and individual advantages of increased cycling. It will take you just a minute to put a comment in the first box, “Overall Strategy” to say it must include funding, targets, an implementation plan and more involvement from other Commonwealth departments. If you like you can take the time to rate and comment on the “Key Actions” further down the page. Then "submit".

If you want to know more, see Cycling Promotion Alliance
or National Cycling Strategy Draft if you want to read the draft strategy (863kb).

It is crucial that we have a decent national cycling strategy - one that will actually deliver and lead to increases in cycling – for everyone's benefit.


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