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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Future Obsessive-Compulsive Gunzel

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Far left: Note worried expression on woman's face. "Oh dear, hope he's an work experience driver"

Melbourne tram thief faces further charges
A boy charged with stealing two trams last week is facing further charges of stealing a bus and attempting to steal a train.

Aw, well, at least he's not fiddling with frigging Halo 2 or compulsively SMS'ing his mates.

Police tell of teen tram thief's obsession
A 15-year-old boy who allegedly stole two trams over the weekend, drove them a total of more than 25 kilometres and picked up passengers along the way is a good lad whose obsession got the better of him, according to police. Detective Senior Constable Barry Hills says the teenager is accused of stealing a tram from the South Melbourne depot on Friday night, driving it to Port Melbourne, returning to the depot and then driving back to Port Melbourne.


  • Off topic, I should have known better than to post a picture of Paul Newman on a bicylcle on my blog with the bike nerd squad on look out.

    Having said that, the film was set in the 1890's and I reckon it's a Bianchi 1895 safety bike with spanking new handlebars.

    By Blogger Flute, at 12:33 am, April 21, 2005  

  • Yes, and it's one of the funniest news items I've heard in a long time, especially the part about him picking up passengers. He even asked them where they wanted to go.
    I knew a kid like that when I was a teenager, but they're very rare.

    By Blogger R H, at 1:31 am, April 26, 2005  

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