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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Bicycle of the Gods Part 3 and a bit

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Descend like a GOD

Introducing the Merlin Cielo
Hey, adjust the 'e' two places, and hey, presto, cileo spells cielo. W00t! That's Italian for heaven. Did this originate in my subconscious? Am I channelling an Italian ancestor? Will a team of angelic domestiques give me a shove into low earth orbit? Is this a load of indulgent shite? Ditto, it's my blog and I'll merrily crap on as much as I like. In regards to the gorgeous ti & carbon Cielo, if the manufactors pop by, yes this is a free ad and I'll happily endorse your wonderful product. Can I have one now? A 15" frame, compact geometry and full campy chorus gruppo would be lovely. Thanks in advance. Oh, not forgetting, my partners MTB/Commuter ti frame developed a nasty crack on the chainstay (drivetrain side). A 22" MTB frame would be just dandy too within the next fortnight. He's planning a big trip.

Climb aboard the Cielo and leave the earthbound mortals behind.


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