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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bicycle culture in LA?

"LA, I say, is like being trapped in the set of a movie you didn't want to see in the first place."
(Charles Shaar Murray questions David Bowie during an interview in the 70's)

WTF? What do you mean, bicycle culture in LA? Isn't Los Angeles one humongous car-worshipping metropolis, baking in the sun?

"...Los Angeles is the center of the huge Southern California freeway system. While L.A. is considered to be the home of traffic jams and car culture, the L.A. freeway system successfully handles millions of commuters as they endure a daily collective migration of about 99 million miles (160,000,000 km). The MTA and other agencies operate bus, subway and light rail lines which together carry over a million passengers a day...."

Now, may we introduce bicycle culture in LA....

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For Australian cyclists: Taco = Soulvaki

Unlearn those stereotypes and prejudices and check out the amazing crew at the Bicycle Kitchen.

"....The most important thing about riding in the city is that you MUST BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE TRAFFIC AND YOU BELONG IN THE STREET!!! Yes city traffic is dangerous. Yes cars are moving fast. Yes cars are bigger than you. Yes cars are not watching for you. But if you ride like you BELIEVE you are traffic (which you legally are) you will be safer and riding Los Angeles will be the best experience ever!...."

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Now there's an inspired cyclist I'd like to have a chat to about costume design.

Also peruse the LA discussion list and website Critical Mass Los Angeles

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Oooo, now that's a tad cheeky.

LA Massers still do old school stuff, like actually discussing the rides and relevant cycling stuff. Mildly intrigued to how they keep the momentum going, must do more lurking on their list to find out what's their secret recipe. Could do with inspiration at present, so bored with endless forming, storming and endless circular arguments.


  • BK resembles the Ceres bike shed. With a one notable distinction. Its more grown up!!!!! Due to family stuff I dont have much spare time to get to the shed. Hey Ms C your presence is missed. Please come back one day.

    By Anonymous Dazza, at 10:57 am, April 07, 2005  

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