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Friday, April 01, 2005

Thwaites announces bicycle funding bonanza

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Established industry leader, Melbourne Bakery Touring Club shows the way..

The Victorian Government announced today a scheme to assist with funding bicycle infrastructure. John Thwaites, Victorian Deputy Premier and Environment Minister, says it's taken some negotiating to get all business and community groups to commit to the scheme which involves coffee producers and cafes to be given licensing rights on parts of the Principal Bicycle Network (PBN) in order to fund bicycle path infrastructure.

"It's very important that state and local government working with business groups, have now agreed on a model for infrastructure which we can together work on. There's been a lot of work done to get to this stage, and it shows that we are really concerned about doing something practical about implementing the Principal Bicycle Network."

Mr. Thwaites says further pressure may need to be applied to local councils to ensure they stick with the strategy in the long-term. He went on to detail the scheme, which involves unique business collaborations between Gravity Coffee, Crivelli Fine Coffee, Dalzotti, Eureka Coffee, Gravity Espresso Coffee, Grinders Coffee, Hudsons Coffee, Jasper Coffee, Maisano Coffee Concepts, Map Coffee, Monte Coffee, Piazza D'oro, Segafredo Zanetti, and Vittoria Coffee.

Brewing giant Carlton United, have backed the scheme, with the missing Yarra Trail link in Abbotsford being funded by a licensed bar and pancake restaurant on the banks of the Yarra. "We envisage the bike path, ramps replacing the concrete steps, and possibly even Collins Bridge, will be paid for in under 6 months from the proceeds" said a CUB spokesperson today.

Oh, look, Sheldon Brown shares in the spirit of March 32nd: FasterCard, the Credit Card Touring Cyclist's Credit Card! Read the a.b thread discussing Thwaite's unique proposal right here.


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