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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Lameless personified

The Bill just jumped the shark again. If in doubt, blow stuff up. yawwnnnnn

"......I've always watched and liked The Bill, but all the Cathy Bradford psycho stuff severely tried my patience. I don't know how a station full of supposedly highly trained coppers failed to notice such a grade A nutter in their midst for so long. The false pregnancy, the AIDS scare, stitching up poor old Polly on a murder rap, and then graduating to wild-eyed stares and murder. And the final boiler room siege with the "moody" lighting and Cathy carrying on like something from a cheap 80s slasher flick? Oh, come on!

The "fire bomb" story line I think was the real "Fonzie lands safely" moment. Prior to that there were all the indications that the boat was speeding up, and the ramp was set. Such a shame, because I had been a fantastic, very realistic show....."

May add a quip or two to these comments, not only has The Bill gone up the ramp too many times, but seems to be constantly doing laps around a now dizzy shark. To the scriptwriters credit, Des and Jim rode bikes. Bugger it, bring back DCI Frank Burnside, on a Surly Karate Monkey!


  • I went off The Bill years ago, as soon as they tried to 'sex it up' it went down hill. Tosh what a legand (bless his soul). Any episode where Tosh had to run was pure gold :)

    By Blogger P3t3, at 9:22 am, March 21, 2005  

  • How about the 3 way plot split this week? Who's really responsible for the firebombing? Or was it just Lance hanging around the bogs? Speaking of three ways, didn't the scriptwriter already try this with June-Jim-Tony? One good bit of goss, Mickey maybe written back into the plot in the future.

    By Blogger cfsmtb, at 4:23 pm, March 24, 2005  

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