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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Thats it - Fixies are now officially so last week

Wired News: Fixed - Gear Bikes an Urban Fixture
Yes, kiddies, it's all over - the 'in crowd' have caught up with the alt.cyclist crew. Fixed gear is an acquired taste, it certainly isn't for everyone. Now watch the clueless fashionistas attempt to retrofit any old frame and wonder why various bits, including the bottom bracket, shit themselves. But it's so edgy & utilitarian. Sod that for a game of soldiers, the freewheel was invented for a reason. You only have one pair of knees. I really enjoy my knees and will be spinning around wwaaay into old age, not hobbling around on a walking frame or being car dependent. Don't believe me? Ok, lay your bets.

One buggered up bottom bracket + "No Standing" DIY augmentation.


  • Don't worry, once the fashionistas realise they can't handle the price of fixie cool they'll drop it like the PM drops a promise. Fixies will then return to the real people. Me? I'm a freewheelin' single speed fan, so a fixie will have to stay in my dreams.

    By Anonymous Phil, at 7:59 am, April 08, 2005  

  • Fixed was fun as a kid, but I like my knees to be functional way into old age. People will ride (or build) whatever they want, but the freewheel wins out for practicality and mass appeal. Anyway, this article from Wired is yet another annoying example of the media 'strip mining' an existing subculture to turn a $$$. How unusual, huh?

    By Anonymous cileo, at 10:37 am, April 08, 2005  

  • I did read the wired article... about teh fixie personally I have mixed feelings about it becoming in favour with the hipsters. Personally, I love my fixie and I would rather it not become the next fashion must. It is suposed to be about pain and misery. Not looking cool while you ride to the local coffee bar. Oh well, the culture eaters will get tired of it soon enough.

    BTW, the bit about the knees is a myth. If you are smooth there are no troubles. I ride myfixie up a mountain (1200ft) everyday of the week for quite a while now and I have had no troubles so far.

    By Blogger Wonder Weasel, at 6:33 pm, April 08, 2005  

  • weasel, you called it! It's about being one with the bike, not a fleeting lifestyle choice. The thing about the knees is a personal thing, my knees were stuffed in the 80's by netball, hockey & several bad accidents. Hey, as long as it's fun, and it's not made compulsory! For the record I have two singlespeeds (Dean & restored BMX!), and am hoping to restore and build up an lovely old thing from the 20's as a SS townie. And, also, I do attend track events, so please don't see me as disliking fixies, it's more the 'latest flavour' guff that kinda shits me...

    Happy trails & keep spinnin'

    By Anonymous cileo, at 5:04 pm, April 09, 2005  

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