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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Truck you, Australia Felix*

Superstitions, truckies & dewy melons, courtesy of Richard Neville.
Welcome to the blurred neurotic life of the mid-oughties, pithily summarised by an old counter-culture hippy that we young whipper snappers should be paying more attention to.

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Truck you, the sheep's back, Truck you, Tasmania

Ah, memories, the smell of diesel in the morning. Cars speeding too close for comfort on Charles Grimes Bridge. Nervous eyes in the back of my head further down towards Montague and Lorimer. Please, I'm going straight through, don't cut me off because you're in a hurry to visit the Polly Woodside. Ingles intersection and curb hugging National buses. Windscreen glass and derbis crunch under the michelin wildgrippers. Williamstown Road on-road bike lane, B-double slipstreams. Overextracted bitter coffee at Garden City, straighten up the fluoro-orange vest, then head on down to work.

*with apologies to TISM ........Humphrey's thoughts on I Drive A Truck....much Like Don Walker's unnerving vicarious portrayal of the Vietnam Vet experience in Khe Sanh, TISM wrote I Drive A Truck from the perspective of someone who has no affinity for, no interest in, and absolutely no right whatsoever to be saying anything about the life of a trucker. As a matter of fact, TISM are deeply afraid of truckers, and would rather drive their sensible cars off the freeway into a pole rather than incur the wrath of one.....


  • Ha ha. i want to see a blogger do a flash animation clip for a tism song. so much potential...Great Trucking songs of the renaissance. what a great album name.
    hey, youse are linked now.
    what does cfsmtb stand for?

    By Blogger Mallrat, at 7:19 pm, April 08, 2005  

  • Yeah, a storyboard of 'If it's different, punch'. Never ceases to amaze me the lack of chivalry on the roads these days!

    cfsmtb? Flutey asked the same thing a few weeks back, should I put up a FAQ?

    Roughly translated as:
    [insert grrly name here], Frank, Sentient mountain bike.

    Frank is the name of my bike retrieved from a local tip circa 1996, and he is clearly sentient. As are all my stable of bikes. That should make complete sense now.

    By Anonymous cileo, at 5:23 pm, April 09, 2005  

  • Thanks for the link to Mr Neville. The story is the same on the Western Highway Melbourne to Ballarat and beyond. It is so freakin to be sandwiched between 2 double B's at 120kph. Whenever I read that sign they all have 'This trailer is speed limited to 110' I always think: yeah but the prime mover sure isn't. All this road cargo used to go on trains in our now dead railway system.

    By Blogger Brownie, at 10:35 pm, April 10, 2005  

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