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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Costello talks turkey

We're running out of oil, says Costello
Treasurer Peter Costello has delivered a blunt warning that Australia is running out of oil as existing fields near the end of their productive lives. In a speech to the Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association, Mr Costello said it was little known that Australian exports of fuel had been falling for years despite soaring prices.

That's a (late) start, now tell the great unwashed about the
Saudi oil fields.


  • Geeze you wouldn't want him to scare the poor little possums now would you? It's great that this is really hitting the MSM now, and by extension the general public. But it's so huge a problem that I'm not sure where we start. I noticed that Peter Garrett this week pointed to nuclear as a possible option and was sarcastically targetted by Tim Blair and his ilk, but once again it'll be the greenies and environmentalists that take the options seriously enough. I don't even bother about climate change any longer, sustainable energy is way more important.

    By Anonymous Phil, at 9:37 pm, April 09, 2005  

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