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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


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Bugger it, I don't feel like being highbrow today. So, instead lets have a chuckle fest at the expense of a SUV and PNC* owner ('petrol to noise converter' = wave ski) In other news, we just enjoyed a street tour of another PNC, namely twin overhead leafblowers courtesy of local council, so didn't Virginia Trioli's todays talkback diatribe on leafblowers sound unnervingly like ESP?

I remember, I remember, I go leaps and bounds, Down past the river, And across the playing fields, The fields all empty, Only for the burning leaves

At least authorities altered local by-laws to stop the proles burning crap in the fireplace or the backyard incinerator, and hopefully ceasing to contribute to global dimming. Now Melbournes autumn leaves are cleaned up via sub-contracting a crew with petrol leafblowers and a big truck. Hang on, that's contributing to CO2 emissions? Oh, I've got to go. Everythings giving me a headache.


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