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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Sustainable Transport, Car Free, Not Car Free et al

Hobart - Ban Cove cars, pleads top trader
The head of the Sullivans Cove Merchants Association has taken moves to cut waterfront parking one step further -- he wants all traffic out of there. Association president Jeff Thomas conceded yesterday that his call would put him at odds with many of the docks' 160 small businesses that he represented. But, he said, his opponents should study other historic dock areas in France and the UK where business activity improved after cars were excluded.

UK - Action to help make the city's streets more safe for children
A drive to promote children's safety on the roads will be launched in Leeds this week. The city is joining major centres across Europe to back road safety for children, safer streets, responsible car use and sustainable transport as part of European Mobility week 2004. Events will take place across Leeds from September 16 to 22 and will be linked to the official theme 'safe streets for children'. European Mobility Week is an annual event involving countries across Europe who are dedicated to sustainable transport.

UK - Free trips aim to get public back on buses
Bus trips will be free on almost all routes across the Capital for one day next week to encourage more people to use public transport. It is hoped thousands of people who don't normally catch buses will try it out on the holiday Monday - then decide to use them more regularly. Fares will be scrapped on most routes from 9.30am to 7.30pm on Free Bus Day, which has been dreamed up by city leaders as part of a week of events promoting alternatives to using the car.

Instructors struggle to calm Cairo traffic chaos
A cigarette dangling from his lips, driving instructor Ahmed Ramadan imparts a valuable lesson to a learner as he twists together the two frayed wires that choke his training car into life. 'The first thing to know about driving in Egypt is that you need a strong heart,' he says, before pausing to add: 'The second thing to know is that friends in high places and money mean you can do anything.' In his box-like Soviet-era training car that has an exhaust attached to the bottom with a piece of string, Ramadan seems an unlikely front-line trooper in an epic battle to bring Egypt's unruly drivers to heel.

Suzuki Alto: new small car is evolutionary, aggressively priced
No Alto is evolutionary. Suzuki is focusing on cutting production costs to the bone and sees no reason to completely reinvent such a successful package. It's not yet clear when the new model will be seen in India and China. Entry-level model is prices at just USD6,200 in Japan.
Alto has become a global car for Suzuki, with different versions built on a large scale in China, India and Japan. A new-generation model is out in Japan.