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Monday, September 13, 2004

Transporting Melbourne and other bits - Part IV

Transport upgrade plan targets congestion
The Victorian Government is considering a plan that will see a multi-million dollar upgrade of train and bus services in Melbourne. The Metropolitan Transport Plan aims to tackle emerging transport issues over the next five to 10 years.

Connext budgets for more fines in Melbourne
Victoria's government is planning to make public transport more attractive to help ease traffic congestion in Melbourne over the next ten years. The government's transport plan includes multi-million dollar upgrades of bus and train services. Melbourne's current train operator Connex has been fined two point four million dollars to compensate for cancelled and delayed trains in the three months to June.

Cautious welcome to public transport plan
A public transport lobby group has cautiously welcomed a proposal to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into train and bus services in Melbourne's eastern suburbs to ease chronic congestion on the city's roads. The state government is reportedly considering a $300 million upgrade of the Dandenong rail line and an extension of SmartBus services in the eastern suburbs as part of a new transport blueprint.

Winter back with menace
Rain, hail and snow brought winter back with a vengeance to Victoria yesterday, wreaking havoc across the state. Driving conditions were treacherous, with hail severely reducing visibility, roads blocked by fallen trees, and some highways hit by flooding. There were more than 200 reported crashes across Melbourne - five times the usual number - in 10 hours of mayhem.

Finding a way out of the fog
Another week of the federal election campaign, and another week of debate on the Mitcham-Frankston tollway has produced a new round of contradictions and absurdities that could only be tolerated in politics. For example, just before the 2002 election Steve Bracks wrote to thousands of residents along the tollway corridor saying, in effect, 'Believe me, I'm Steve Bracks and I'm here to tell you there will be no tolls'. The promise was driven by an Opposition scare.

Fischer calls for uniform tracks
On the eve of the 150th anniversary of the state's railways, former deputy prime minister and enthusiastic train spotter Tim Fischer has called for all of Victoria's train lines to be converted to standard gauge.

UK - Towns rally behind trams battle
The people of Oldham and Rochdale gave a resounding message to Transport Secretary Alistair Darling at two town centre rallies in support of Metrolink extensions: 'We are not taking `No' for an answer.' Supporters turned out in force to show their backing for the campaign to save the future of phase three of the Metrolink, which would bring two lines right into the heart of the two towns.