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Monday, January 17, 2005

UK - Stars in big cars target of 4x4 rage

Environmental activists have formed a nationwide network to target celebrity owners of "gas-guzzling" 4x4 vehicles such as the actress Felicity Kendal and Chris Eubank, the former boxer. The organisation, an alliance of nearly 1,000 members from groups including Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, the Green party and Transport 2000, claim that the vehicles are unnecessarily large, use excessive fuel and clog up urban streets.

They have posted 40,000 imitation "parking tickets" on 4x4s, attacking their use in cities. Among those targeted are the former Citizen Smith actor Robert Lindsay and David and Victoria Beckham. Gail Porter, the television presenter - who is understood to own a Jeep Grand Cherokee - and Cheryl Tweedy, singer with the band Girls Aloud who bought a large Toyota last year, are also in the alliance's sights. The colourful tickets, placed under windscreen wipers by more than 400 volunteers, are part of a growing campaign against what are nicknamed "Chelsea tractors" and "Satan's runabouts".

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