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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Old Rice & Monkey Nuts Goes Nuts

Rebuttal to Andrew Bolts article, Herald Sun, 16 February 2005
Blogland is really going to love this Andy, and how you keep up to date with all those awful things they say about you. Remember Pandagate last year? Talking to imaginary people is the first sign of madness Andy. Truth be told, you're a very nervous and timid chap, hardly Bill O'Reilly material at all.

The fact is, Andrew Bolt has attacked an individual of great integrity, with over two decades in the police force. Acting Sergeant Lindsay holds very high public respect with all his years of policing and incredible hard work in the Victorian community, be it with working with school kids, Bike Ed courses, community groups, bicycle advocacy and generally acting as a great representative of the Victorian Police force.

What he does as a member of the Police Bicycle Patrol at the Critical Mass bicycle rides is a very small part of his work. The police have to constantly deal with the public - nothing at all can be misconstrued with what Acting Sergeant Lindsay has done attempting to communicate with participants of Critical Mass in order to find evidence. If you want to find evidence of real blurring of the lines and corruption look no further than the recent investigations of the Victorian drug squad conducted by ABC's
Four Corners "The Speed Trap". What Acting Sergeant Lindsay did hardly rates in this context - matter of fact it's Andrew Bolt taking police procedure completely out of context, and manipulating it into a badly researched news article.

The only real problem here is Andrew Bolts fatally flawed take on the issue - tied up in his twisted hatred of Christine Nixon. Mr. Bolt should really do something about that. It's creepy having to constantly read in the Herald Sun this compulsion he has with a married professional woman. If I was Mrs. Nixon, I would of taken legal advice by now.

In regards to the actual incident involving Phillip McCartney in November 2003 I cannot directly comment, as I did not observe the incident. But bystanders present mentioned they felt in real fear of the taxi plowing through the group of cyclists. Now regardless of whether one is pro or anti Critical Mass, the need to protect others from injury is very strong. If everyone in involved, including Mr. McCartney, had calmed down and not escalated the situation it possibly wouldn’t gotten so out of hand. Remember, there is two sides to a story. But asking for a fair and balanced appraisal and research from Mr. Bolt is pretty laughable. After all, this is a 'journalist' who conducts his research via google.

Yes, Andy, the blog has a site counter, and list of entry & exit pages viewed. Last week someone googled 'cyclist punched' three times. Nice to know you do your research here.

In closing, Andrew Bolts article is a contemptible attack on a Police Officer of great integrity, a man who is an example of the very best in the Victorian Police Force.


  • here is what i wrote to post to Mr Bolte but can't be arsed posting it:
    "nudged" now doesn't that sound cuddly andrew, pity the thing doing the nudging is 2 pus tonnes of metal and the thing being nudged is 15 kgs of metal and a human being! nothing excuses an assult and if the cyclists did do as you describe they should be charged but let us examine some of your claims, "One cyclist moved to the rear of the taxi van and was swinging his bike through the air with great force and smashing it against the rear window . . . Another young male cyclist climbed up on to the roof . . . It turned ugly and violent . . ." now if either of these actions had taken place they would have left physical evidence but was any offered?
    Andrew go stand in the middle of the South Eastern and then perhaps you will understand what it feels like to be a cyclist. Doing something to cut down congestion on our roads, help the enviroment and halt the epidemic of obesity aperently makes me a target for abuse and at times it can feel that most people would be happy to kill me if it meant getting home 1 minute earlier. is that what I should have to endure? is it right that motorists can try to drive me off the road just because they believe after reading the popular press that they have the right to?
    I don't know why i am bothering to writ this as I know I am shouting into the wind so I will just leave it.

    By Blogger surlysimon, at 2:44 pm, February 17, 2005  

  • You're not shouting into the wind, simply refine what you've posted and send it to Dead Bolt. Want to take up Alex's challenge? (refer to thanks for all the fish post)

    By Blogger cfsmtb, at 5:38 pm, February 17, 2005  

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