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Friday, February 11, 2005

These are the people they warned us about

Clear the streets, return to your homes! Video of the lovely folks at Bike Kill 2004, with the black label bike club.

[begin sarcasm] We refuse to confirm or deny whether we appreciate any actions or suggested cruelty to bicycles or humans, depicted or otherwise in this video. [/end sarcasm]

Intrigued by the phenomenon of Tall bikes? Well pop over to and be totally corrupted.


  • Tall bikes are scary. How do they do it? I am perplexed ... yet interested ... Chris btw I have schnaffled a thick wad of reflective crap from egabrag esrever in Ringworm -- can make some available for you if you like. ( Ahh, the bike riding tomfoolery has been suspended indefinitely from its suspenders due to OH&S concerns -- the trailers are a little top heavy and tended to tip at the slightest provocation. HOWEVER assistance is still required with general propaganda duties eg distributing their sexy fab magazine to caf├ęs and the like as well as posters. Perhaps we can do this over the weekend or summat. CC to your blog :D )

    By Blogger Alex, at 7:54 pm, February 11, 2005  

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