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Monday, February 07, 2005

North Shore woes

Via Farkin - More here: District 'removing up to 41 kilometres of unauthorized trails'
"According to an article in the Vancouver Province Newspaper. On Thursday, reporting on Monday's North Van District council meeting, the Vancouver Province reported that the District is planning on 'removing up to 41 kilometres of unauthorized trails...' Looking at a trail map of Fromme makes it pretty clear that this would leave almost no trails on the mountain at all."

Not good, not good at all. The North Shore tracks on Fromme Mountain are world class singletrack territory. In Australia MTBer's have to continually deal with land managers who view cyclists akin to two-wheeled locusts.

Australian SS Nats yesterday in Upper Beaky, ride report, photos somewhere out there. Will find a link or photo gallery. Swell weather, good company, cold beer.


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