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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Did the roof move for you dear?

photo from The Age

Posted earlier to aus.bicycle....Weird weather from the EAST....yeah different isn't it?

Weather warnings all over the place: Warnings for Victoria
Obviously the Yarra is experiencing moderate flooding, roads are closed and PT is possibly stuffed up to. Listen to the ABC for updates etc. Yes, we're up early because it's virtually impossible to sleep with this fcuking racket going on. Momentarily became airborne when holding down a piece of flapping shadecloth out the backyard. Sod it, it can flap around. Minor leaks, nothing too serious. Anyone riding in today before this shit clears out is a certified nutbag. I'll even design & print/pdf a crappy 'award' if it's required. Attempting to go back to bed now.

Snowing at Mt Buller, 150mm in the Thompson Catchment, Yarra River about to flood at Clown Casino, waves breaking over Beaconfield Parade, trees down all over the place, local flooding, no trams from the Southbank Terminal because it's flooded, and yes, public transport is stuffed. Red Symons gave the best advice. Stay home, no going to work or school today.

According to BoM, Melbourne's just experienced the highest rainfall EVER. Isn't February supposed to be summer?

Flashback to yesterday, Beyond the Black Stump, in Melton


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