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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Big Weekend Coming Up!

Madison 04 - photos by hippy

Ok, for starters - 2005 Australian Madison Championships this Saturday 5th February. Go to Vodafone Arena, Melbourne Park - buy ticket, go to infield, watch the action, drink beer. The Madison is simply the most exciting track event you'll ever see - even the spectators are left breathless!

SSNats 03 - Pre-race briefing - photos by me

Slickerty Jim Mutton Chop Review Presents the ASSC -
Australian Singlespeed Championships this Saturday & Sunday 5/6 February at Dallas Brooks Scout Camp, Upper Beaconfield.

SSNats 03 - Damo & the Fairies - photos by her again

As for the SS Nats expect to see general tomfoolery, gentlemen dressed as ladies, gingham frocks, pinstripe suits, g-strings, wool clothing, possible nudity & copious amount of beer. And singletrack. Sounds like fun.
Got me a plan. Now better post this out to the PubBUG list.

NB: Note to Bikesoiler & self: must remember to tape Cycling Central at 11.30 Sunday, damn awkward timeslot & we keep forgetting about it...

In unrelated non-cycling news I would like the Mad Monks head on plate.


  • Curious, will any of you be making the SS Worlds this year?

    Should be a blast. I've ridden the course the past two years in Eric Romans ECNASSCU (East Coast North American Single Speed Championships of the Universe) and it's unbelievable! 35 miles of relentless trail and all the beer you can drink...

    By Blogger DT, at 1:17 am, February 03, 2005  

  • Errr, possibly not, check links for Deluxe Bicycle Club or Shifter Bikes under 'Melbourne Velo Links", now there's some chaps who may front up!

    By Blogger cfsmtb, at 9:04 am, February 03, 2005  

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