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Monday, February 07, 2005

Jeez, you're a cynical mob...

...who have the time to participate in blog polls! Only joking, you're entitled to your POV, and hey, I did phrase the questions with a mildly cynical slant, and you responded. So there.
BTW, The What colour is your bicycle poll, the four individuals who have voted "Haven't A Clue" are bit of a worry. Last weeks deluge should of helped wash off the grot.

If you are a cyclist, are traffic conditions and/or behaviour in Melbourne detoriating?
0% - No changes recently, what's the fuss about?
0% - Yes, things are changing for the worse.
13% - More traffic, more pressures, hence more problems.
7% - Society in general is suffering from poor impulse control.
80% - I've been a recent victim of verbal/physical abuse while either commuting or training.

Have you actually seen a H2 in Melbourne?
5% - Yes
16% - No
11% - Saw a Matchbox model for sale at Coles Swan Street, Richmond.
5% - Only on
63% - I have nightmares regularly about them.

Why does local government tend to be slightly dysfunctional?
0% - Don't know.
0% - I know someone who is currently writing a research paper/thesis about this vexing issue.
5% - It's always been like this, so shut up & pay your rates.
40% - Local government tends to attract some people with more ambition than actual ability.
55% - Refer to Question 3. We know you're only a renter, so shut up.


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