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Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

"Love to all the Rebels. Dedicated to all those who ride CRITICAL MASS on the last Friday of every month."
Cool short video, music + stills + flash

The Bad
"Call him what you will: Re Leone, Cipolla, Super Mario, jet-set cycling superstar, the Lion King, Cipo, matter what you call him, at 37 years old and counting, Mario Cipollini is by far the winningest active rider in professional cycling."
'Bad' as in Bad Boy, Cipollini is still a brilliant cyclist.

And The Ugly....
"I've watched this thing at least 50 times. It's amazing footage. It appears as though this guy was attempting to hit a cyclist with the car door open. When it happens he looses his balance...and, well the rest is internet history."
Well, its really a set-up, not quite what it seems. Still for any wronged cyclist, it's great fantasy-revenge carthesis...


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