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Thursday, February 03, 2005

overstated: NYC bicycle abuse

CM in Times Square - Image courtesy of yea bikes

"....If you've ever been in New York on the last Friday of any month, you've probably come into contact with the NYC Critical Mass bike ride wherein hundreds of bicyclists "spontaneously come together to ride the ordinarily car-clogged streets of their cities." I've seen this spectacle twice completely by chance, and it's awesome...."

Great article + links & comments, thanks to Bludja for the heads up.

Back to yea bikes check out: filmed by bike iii


...format: VHS, DVD, CD
...length: 10 minutes or under preferred
...deadline: March 15th, 2005
...submit to: Filmed by Bike III, 5267 NE 20th Av, Portland OR 97211 by mail only
...videos will not be returned include your name, contact info, e-mail address, and title of the piece(s)


  • very interesting site
    chock full of something

    here in DC I have been amazed when educated columnists share their uneducated opinions on the topic of bicycles on the road....

    it boggles the mind that a car driver or a pedestrian can have one bad experience with a cyclist and then put a blanket statement over the whole culture

    sure I may run red lights and speed around
    I offer respect and common courtesy to others on the road

    I am not asking the car drivers to follow the laws
    just asking for a little space for me and my bike
    just asking for them to grant me some respect
    just asking for them to grant me some basic courtesy

    cars can and will speed
    they should not speed when they put anyone else at risk
    every time a car driver honks at me it boggles my mind that they see me as causing traffic rather than being part of traffic

    oh look
    it is snowing outside
    how magical!
    that snow will magically hide the ice patches on the road
    should make for an amusing ride home

    By Blogger gwadzilla, at 5:43 am, February 04, 2005  

  • I am never sure of how I feel about the Critical Mass Movement.....

    in the past I have attended some Washington DC Solidarity Rides... but they tend to be a toned down event
    not quite the circus that the Critical Mass tends to be

    there are various ideas that I feel should be shared with the car drivers....
    one idea is that they need to see that we are more like them then they think...

    I am someone who wants to get home to his family just like them... only I opt for the bike rather than my car

    I feel that we need to put the HUMAN ELEMENT on the cyclist... someone that they can identify with...

    so I am still torn

    all said
    I am glad that the Critical Mass Movement is out there
    it is like PETA
    I am all for pets, eating meat, and labratory research on animals.... but in the most ethical way possible
    (I guess a non-leather wearing vegan who uses holistic medicine may have a problem with the use of the word ethical there)

    By Blogger gwadzilla, at 5:47 am, February 04, 2005  

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