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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Yes we would indeed

Now this is what sustainable transport in Victoria needs, humour, wit and a pluralistic approach. But I can't see that happening without certain NGO's & 'revalent authorities' growing a spine. And possibly cease feuding, bickering and generally carrying on traditional timeworn Victorian tribalism. Funny place Victoria. Great place, intelligent people, wonderful communities, great place to cycle. 'Tis a pity important details have been discarded along the way.

Interesting Yarra Council meeting down at Richmond Town Hall last evening. In reference to Notice of Motion No. 1 'Urgent Need for Yarra Action on Transport'. There were baseless rumours circulating about council staff jobs being on the line. Now proved false and irrevalent. Anyway, sustainable transport is a combination of different modes, such as walking, alternative technology, public transport, cycling. One mode of transport should not dominate over another, Melbourne is currently overrun by traffic problems - so why should our only answer be primarly that of promoting ONLY public transport? Remember this - the mentality that created the problem sure as hell won't provide the solution. A reminder of excellent work thats been done: City of Yarra wins Bicycling Achievement Award.

Now, how do we get Eric Britton out to Australia? He has a blog too: A day at the office.

Breaking news: Andy talks crap, again. This time he's positively BARKING. Anyway, more backflips, fibs and a giant half-pike: Scoresby tolls.


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