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Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Bicycle Land

Meanwhile, up in north, the first annual Sydney Body Art Ride was held 13 February 2005. Oooo, that was yesterday. Must keep a watch for reports + photos.

NZ - Naked cyclists treat motorists to '21-bum' salute
Police intervention meant the protesters all had to wear underpants or briefs, although several female cyclists were allowed to remain topless. Police ordered naked cyclists to get their gear back on in Auckland yesterday, after arresting their leader for alleged indecent exposure. Even so, motorists were treated to a '21-bum' salute, equating to the number of scantily-clad but helmeted cyclists who rode from Symonds St to Karangahape Rd to protest against the world's dependency on oil-fuelled transport.

Car culture alternative peddled
Protesters celebrate `the joy of the bicycle' outside auto show. As a stream of Chicago Auto Show visitors strolled past, David O'Donnell stood outside McCormick Place on Saturday touting the environmentally friendly attributes of his transportation mode of choice: his bicycle. 'This vehicle is powered by nothing but pancakes,' he said. 'It's powered by nothing but chocolate chip cookies and water.' Carrying flags, signs, bullhorns and even pets, dozens of Chicago bicycle enthusiasts pedaled to McCormick Place on Saturday to protest the annual showcase of new and prototype vehicles. The friendly and sometimes humorous protest focused on alternative transportation and respect for bicyclists on the road.

NY - Many Lives, Many Wheels
They come, they go. And in between, Chinese deliverymen depend on their bicycles to eke out a living in a new land. Bicycles are everywhere in this eight-story building: bicycles leaning in the hallways, bicycles parked in the stairwells, bicycles nestled two deep in the single-room dwellings shared by three or four men. The sprawling landmark building, at 31st and Broadway, is nestled in the middle of Manhattan's wholesale district. Its central, though unglamorous, location appeals to its most notable tenant population: Chinese deliverymen. An alternative to farther-flung quarters in Chinatown or Flushing, this outpost is only 10 minutes by bicycle to restaurants in Murray Hill, 20 minutes to those on the Upper West Side, 20 minutes to the Upper East Side.

LA - Power of the Pedal Health
As president and chief executive officer of Los Angeles' Good Samaritan Hospital, Andrew Leeka practices what he preaches. The avid cyclist rides his bike 40 miles round trip between his home in La Canada and his downtown office. He's even created a hospital cycling club and instituted an annual 'Blessing of the Bicycles,' modeled on a similar New York event. This year's ceremony is scheduled for May 19 in front of the hospital, located at 1225 Wilshire Blvd. During last year's blessing, the hospital's chaplain read Bible passages and sprinkled holy water on about 50 gathered cyclists and their bikes. 'We did it to promote fitness and bike safety among our employees and the community,' says Leeka, who hopes the regular spring event will inspire more people to begin biking to work.
'This could change somebody's life, getting them into cycling.'


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