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Monday, February 21, 2005

Pedalling a message

Tasmania - She's on move with a message
Marathon cyclist Kate Leeming says Tasmania would be much larger -- and more pleasant to ride through -- if they just "ironed out all of the hills". She finished the Tasmanian leg of her 27,000km ride around Australia yesterday, and is nearing the end of a journey of almost nine months. She timed her expedition to fit in with the United Nations Decade for Sustainable Development. She intends her trip to link communities through sustainability education, inspiring young people to be environmentally pro-active.

"I'm a demonstration of a sustainable life, and this is a motivational act to kick people into action," she said. "My message is not one of extremes, but we need to manage our resources for the future so that we have something left."

See more on Kates journey here:
GRACE - The Alcoa Great Australian Cycling Expedition

Biker pedaling to protest Bush policies
When George W. Bush was governor, he posted a stern warning to litterbugs in the Lone Star State: 'Don't Mess With Texas!' Now, a Western Kentuckian who twice voted for Bush is pedaling his bicycle to Washington with messages for the president: 'Don't mess with Social Security' and 'Bring our troops home.' Billy Burks, 59, of Mayfield in Graves County, left home on Tuesday on his bicycle with plans to follow mostly two-lane highways across Kentucky -- from Elizabethtown to Lexington to Ashland -- then into Southern Ohio and onto U.S. 50 across the Virginias to Washington, within the next six weeks.


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