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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Bye, Rus, So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

In breaking news, this challenge from Melbourne cyclists. This could go viral, bigger than the weekly b3ta challenge or the recent Old Rice and Monkey Nuts Google bomb. I'll happily donate a bottle of Chivas Regal or the next batch of homebrew (if it works) to this worthly cause.

Despatches from the blogosphere:
yep, hands up who thinks Lucky Phils story of woe possibly has hairs & a tail
Andrew ‘Hello Sex’ Bolt
Now I'm right off arvo coffee and possibly tea later.

example of the great work Acting Sergeant Lindsay did in Victorian schools. Unfortunately the Victorian community is now poorer due to political expediency and revenue protection. Shame on the Victorian Police for being so easily influenced. Also, members of the newly created OPI go for a tosca. Somewhere.

Possibly the most tangential thread in aus.bicycle history.

Bicycle Victoria "Great Melbourne Bike Ride® We will not be running the Great Melbourne Bike Ride® in 2005." Now, regardless of what you may think of BV, this news is a great pity..... I'll keep my pro-John Forester opinions to myself, but The Bike Paths event sounds like a cool idea though. Heard first on the Virginia Trioli Drive program. Just kicked off a thread here. Awaiting further discussion.

A different take on the current Rodney Adler
cluster fcuk, and the rapidly developing Korp case a soap opera: lawyer. What will Andrew "Hello Sex" Bolt have to say about frisky swingers in Melbournes brick and tile wonderlands?

Awaiting OR&MN's true response to Lucky Phils horrific ordeal at the hands of cyclists gone wild in the streets

Other guff occuring:
Will a cost hike change Toorak tractor factor? Good to see BV rattling the chain on this vexing issue. Now, what will BV do in the aftermath of the Bolt Beat up of yesterday, taking into consideration Acting Sergeant Lindsay was assisting with the Campaigns Team see here and also refer to page four of Feb-Mar 2005 edition of Ride On magazine. A comment or will they go all quiet? Meanwhile, trackback to this post refer to comments added for BV's response to 2005 cyclist deaths. Ignore the first two, gwadzilla got a little confused.

Continuing on in todays stream of conciousness blogging, jeez I love it when a new anagram (cileo) morphs out of a old anagram (cfsmtb)! How cool and post-modernist is that? I might be a old stroppy bint but I'm down wiv teh modern yoof of today. I really am. Perhaps.

Not forgetting, Lance lines up for TdF 2005. All I can say is, go Pie Boy!


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