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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Over-run and depressed

South Australia: Cyclist program over-run
A new program designed to encourage workers to ride a bike has turned away more than 900 people because of a lack of funding. The Active Adelaide program, which starts tonight, aims to get commuters, particularly women, into cycling. Despite almost 1000 people registering interest for the program, only 70 workers have been accepted. Bicycle SA executive director, Peter Solly, said yesterday enough money had been made available by the State Government for 70 places only. (more in article)

C'mon, Peter Costello is castigating State Governments for spenting GST inappropriately. Annoy the grinning git even more: THROW MONEY AT IT! Regardless, who did the scoping on this project? If you want attitudial and modial shift; do real research & development. Or read
Bob Muntz's opinion. More: Bicycle Institute of South Australia website

Whats this crap? Ahh, one may fit the age group but I'm happier blazing my own alternative reality towards something else. This current dose of 'flu is helping a treat. Kids? Hire one out for the day or get another bike or cat. Money? Change your attitude. Lonely? Not with my great hunk of spunk. Exercise? Bicycle, obviously.

Squabbles in corporateland and this:What the fook? A 104-year-old Chinese woman may be forced to return to China after the Migration Review Tribunal decided to deny her an aged parent visa.

See below for recent photo taken at a Migration Review Tribunal meeting.
Image hosted by
This second photo shows one of the inhuman bastards getting their comeuppance.
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  • From The HunSenator Vanstone's claim that it was never the Government's intention to deport her poses a vexed question: why on earth was this frail old lady ever subjected to a protracted bureaucratic ordeal?

    By Blogger cfsmtb, at 11:29 pm, March 10, 2005  

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