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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Later, at the Nuthutch

Oil prices climb above $US52
World oil prices climbed above $US52 in New York for the first time in four months overnight on freezing weather in the northern hemisphere and a bullish price outlook from OPEC kingpin Saudi Arabia, before cooling on profit taking, analysts said.

"Prices remain supported by cold weather, OPEC comments and fund buying."

So this article from Al Jazeera is pure coincidence or fabrication?
Expert says Saudi oil may have peaked As oil prices remain above $45 a barrel, a major market mover has cast a worrying future prediction. Energy investment banker Matthew Simmons of Simmons and Co International has been outspoken in his warnings about peak oil before. His new statement is his strongest yet, 'we may have already passed peak oil'

Doctor: 'Stevens, listen to me. You've seen where this efficiency of yours leads. Wholesale pollution of the countryside. Devilish creatures spawned by the filthy by-products of your technology. Men... men walking around like brainless vegetables. Death. Disease. Destruction

Doctor Who: The Green Death

My first introduction to the perils of oil was via a rather stern Jon Pertwee speech either in this series or
The Sea Devils. Went something like 'when is Man going to cease dependence upon primitive crude oil'. Take into consideration that these episodes were created in the early 70's during the OPEC Oil Shocks they are a fascinating historical snapshot of the time. Okay, off to check IMDB, pick up one bike from the LBS and, more research into a stand-alone power system for new house.....


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