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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

(Not) On the Good Foot, Wee Margins & Hot Legs

From a recent edition of the NZ Nelson Standard, image courtesy of Moz. Young chap obviously wasn't using his 'chocolate foot'.

Oenone Wood yesterday gained control of the Geelong Women's Tour by the smallest of margins on the first day of racing, while Barcelona Olympic gold medallist Kathy Watt was the centre of controversy after she was relegated to last place in the morning's time-trial and later fined for urinating in public. The 40-year-old Watt had won the first stage, an eight-kilometre time-trial in Portarlington, from Natalie Bates and Alexis Rhodes, but a storm of protest was unleashed against her when many riders and team managers took exception to what they believed had been a "totally illegal" bike set-up by having the handlebars too low.

Kathy, Kathy, Kathy. An absolute pisser, after all these years she's still bullheaded & doing things her way.
Hey, during the descents, did Kathy put her hands in the air and go wwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! I still occassionally do, but have enough impulse control and lady-like decorum to discreetly answer the Call of Nature when in public.

Completely unrelated but I couldn't resist using this image. Possible pissweak captions "Watts Fan Celebrates", "Motorists Try Cheap DIY Fuel Option" and "Urine Good Hands"

Ok, to keep the blokes happy....Rod Steward & a blonde lady friend are in town

Not fair, why her legs in shot, why can't I have a perve at Rodney?

Rod Stewart's girl shows off her hot legs
Rod Stewart's girl Penny Lancaster had her amazing pins out again yesterday as the couple relaxed by the Yarra. The leggy blonde bombshell and rockin' Rod took time out to cycle along the river and enjoy the warm weather.

Yeah, but can she spin? Is she a pure climber with strength and the Coeur de Lion to climb mountains? Who gives a flying proverbial, she's Rod Stewards girlfriend. w00t!


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