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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Separation of Church and State

From The Rae Street Institute: 'On tonight's show we're making a casserole.....'

More at CityState. Personally I think the whole Critical Mass palaver's a pan-flipping omelette. Now I'll freely admit that cileo is a Arnotts family assorted of mutterings & stray thoughts mixed in with actual news articles, but I earnestly wish to participate in the legal framework for civil society. Funny subtext - just heard Bracksy whinging on the The World Today about Costello's GST plan being an 'attack on democracy'. Bracks should cast his attention from Williamstown across to Port Melbourne last friday evening. Oh, sorry, how embarrassingly naive of me, Brackys talking about $$$$ not civil rights & duty of care.

"I mean this is an outrage and would not be tolerated in any parliamentary democratic system in the world."

Uphold the right, indeed.


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