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Monday, May 16, 2005

Road to Hell

Lack of transport helps tollway
Toll road junta bosses are banking on continuing poor public transport in Melbourne's east to boost their bottom line coffers. ConnectEast gleefully told investors that limited alternatives to EastLink made it a immensely sound investment indeed. The EastLink toll road will give paying fleeced drivers a clear 40km run traffic sewer from Frankston to Mitcham when it opens sesame in 2008. The State Government said yesterday it had already agreed to give away invest $200 million in improving running down public transport in the region. But $167 million of that is to be spent running an ineffectual bus service at $4.4 million a year -- for 38 years. Sucked in! However Opposition transport minion spokesman Terry Mulder said Victorians were being forced on to the road by the road lobby stealth. "The lesser the investment by the State Government, the greater the opportunity for ConnectEast," Mr Mulder said. Der fred.


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