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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More happiness

All New Honey-Flavoured Calico
Much happiness in our household. Even the All New Honey-Flavoured Calico thinks so. Not forgetting - I'm a Cascade drinkin' Southerner

In a move sure to bring a smile to beer drinkers across the country, J. Boag & Son has today re-released their much celebrated Boag’s Honey Porter. Boag’s Honey Porter’s first limited release was brewed in 2003. The beer quickly generated a loyal following, and as only 12,000 cartons were produced, it soon sold out. The beer must have also struck a chord with the beer experts as Boag’s Honey Porter was recently listed in the top 20 Australian beers, past and present. Boag’s Honey Porter is brewed with uniquely Tasmanian ingredients, most notably Leatherwood honey and Van Diemen hops.


  • Is it nice? maybe I'll try some. I like cider, would I like this?

    By Blogger Lucy Tartan, at 5:58 pm, June 15, 2005  

  • Porter is a darker style of beer, this brew has lovely *honey flavouring*. It's nowhere as sweet as cider (depending upon type, ie: sweet, dry, draught)

    Think maltly/smoky taste, it's a excellent beer with pasta and hearty winter meals. I'd suggest getting a six-pack, and making your mind up. I've been informed over many years, that wine is for Ladies and beer for the Blokes.

    Anyway, I'm going against so-called trends, I certainly prefer beer. There's a lot of different brews to choose from, all with flavours & styles not like the generic VB/Foster mass-produced "sessional" beers. I drink because I enjoy the flavour, not to get drunk.

    By Anonymous cileo, at 6:14 pm, June 15, 2005  

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