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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Say, who missed out on Commonwealth Games MTB tix?

Lysterfield: Buckle Track
State Mountain Bike Course: Lysterfield Park
Actually, just about everyone we know missed out. Looks like because the tickets were free, lots of plebs, er sorry, people grabbed them. Because they could. Doesn't mean they're actual fans of the sport. I tell you now, there's gonna be a reckoning in hang onto your hard hats and commence swinging those mattocks, we're tunnelling in via Lysterfield McMansions aka Nappy Valley....


  • Gee, that pile of logs just keeps getting bigger!

    Yes, I missed out, but then I didn't enter the ballot, as I presumed that there would be stacks of MTB tix. What an idiot I was! It would seem that a good 80% of all the people that I race with in the Fat Tyre Flyers missed out also...

    What the hell? The crowd is going to be full on nunces with no idea: how galling...

    By Blogger ...mj, at 8:48 pm, June 08, 2005  

  • For advice on tunneling how 'bout asking the Cave Clan for advice?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:12 pm, June 09, 2005  

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