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Saturday, June 04, 2005


Ka-Ka goes poo-poos Serving suggestion only

Via the new ads appearing on b3ta's weekly email. I first heard about a similiar product years ago, from friends attending a Melbourne Car Show thingy. So banish your incredulity and marvel at the wonder that is......Sprayonmud. The FAQ is a absolute hoot.
What do I use it for?
To give your friends, family and neighbours the impression that you’ve just come back from a day’s shooting / fishing /off-roading / visiting friends who live on a farm / looking for a country retreat / anything but driving around town all day or visiting the retail park!

Just when you believed 4WD accoutrements couldn't get any more infantile, b3ta throws another link in. Presenting, the All Singing All Dancing Indipod! It's an lovely accompaniment that completes a possible nifty bookend with the Sprayonmud. (was this intentional by b3ta?) There must surely be a snappy jape about covering 4WD's in a brown substance, and then being able to go Number One's & Two's in the rear cabin. Somehow a suitable joke eludes me. But your suggestions are most welcome.

For no apparent reason, other than I can, here's a couple of Wiki links:
Wikipedia: Cycling in Melbourne
Wikipedia: Critical Mass
Wikipedia: Vehicular cycling

There's several noticeable gaps with the Melbourne entry, particularly regarding the Hell Ride on Bitch Road and Ron Shepherd. One will attempt to rectify, when time permits.


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