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Friday, May 27, 2005

Hot Boy Bike Action

Cole's kinda cute, but too young. We prefer big hairy broad-shouldered blokesCourtesy of velorution

Hey Ladiezzz, some hot boy bike action for your perusal right here:
Fixed Gear Enthusiass. Can we get some saucy pix of Melbourne lads, or are you all too freakin' coy about it?

Are you a woman who rides a hot track bike or a sexy singlespeed? Are you sick of catcalls and being "objectified" while riding your bike or because you ride a bike? Has someone ever said "I can see your kitty cat" while riding your bike in a skirt and being clearly covered up? Well fear no more. This site is dedicated to girls who love biker boys and are sick of all this shit. Time to strike back.

We are currently accepting photos of men in their undies or commando (if you insist) riding some sweet wheels. Sorry, only fixie and SS photos will be posted. Please see the Submission Information page if you would like to submit photos.
More discussions via aus.bicycle thread.


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