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Friday, May 20, 2005

CityLink: As useful as an ashtray on a motorbike

Dale Maggs Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia KICKS ARSE

Big tuff leather clad bikies are planning a combined tunnel and bridge protest this evening, so hence CityStink are reduced to desperate tactics, grovelling on their Italian-suited knees, and sobbing, 'Oh pretty pretty please don't ride through our tunnel!' Can you smell the carpet burning? I can.

Stinking hypocrites, CityStink and Victoria Police have been
continually threatening Critical Mass for the last six months. One day Mick, you're going have to explain those Friday night rosters to the bean counters.

But face facts, perpetuating dodgy stereotypes like seeing CM participants as inner-city dole bludging hippies et al, makes terrific *copy* for The Hun, and propels radio squawkback radio hosts into even greater conniptions. I recall reading recently, how in Australia, one can be a member of the Elites, and still rent. Oh the paradox of PR spin and corporate cointelpro bollox. There you go, Harriet, now I must get some rest.

CityLink begs bikies to halt protest
CityLink has pleaded with motorcyclists to call off a protest ride during tonight's peak hour. Protest organisers say hundreds, even thousands, of motorcyclists will rally on the steps of Parliament House before riding through the city, across the Bolte Bridge and through the Burnley Tunnel to protest against proposed tolls on motorbikes. Last week, CityLink revealed it hoped to use new technology to begin tolling motorcycles. Riders would pay half the amount charged to other motorists and be given a 90-day grace period to adapt to the new rules.

The Motorcycle Riders Association immediately threatened to stage a protest ride if CityLink management did not meet with them this week. Yesterday CityLink head of operations Bruce Anderson offered to meet with motorcyclists "in coming weeks''.


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