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Monday, May 16, 2005

Nuding Up!

Image from a nuddie ride in Spain. Reckon this discreet change in tactics would frighten Mick Williams away? *giggle*

Naked protesters cycle into strife
A pack of nude cyclists rode through Brisbane's city centre yesterday to protest the Brisbane City Council's proposed north-south bypass tunnel. But the group's ride was cut short when police arrested four people for wilful exposure. A spokesman for the protest group Communities Against the Tunnel said it was only the beginning of a long campaign to get ratepayers debating the tunnel's benefits. "These tunnel plans are actually going to increase the amount of traffic in the city in the long term," a protester who gave his name only as Alex said. "We just think the tunnel is a really silly idea and we would like to encourage the residents of Brisbane to think what they could do with $7 billion." He said Brisbane should follow Paris and London's lead in trying to eliminate cars in the city centre. (More in article)

"A pack" Surely Brisbane journos must have some comprehension of cycling terminology? How about "bunch" or "peloton?" Lazy work indeed. I'm miffed that last evenings
ABC and Ten news items were pixellated so not to offend Sunday teatime sensibilities. Its not fair, several pairs of baps were exhibited, but male bits discreetly fuzzed out. The viewing public should have every opportunity to perve on strapping gentlemen cyclists with the night tools out. As a Lady, I believe the news post-production was extremely sexist. Letter writing in progress.

More on the local campaign in Brissie:
Road Tunnels for Brisbane
Can Brisbane afford Underground Cross River Road Tunnel/s?

The Port of Melbourne Authority attempt to nick bike path:
Anger at port plan to close off waterfront (Use to 'register')
Crapped off? Then contact these folks: Maribyrnong Bicycle Users Group:
Maribyrnong Council, Request for Service and Feedback Form
Bicycle Victoria
Port of Melbourne Corporation, Contact PoMC

Nuding Up Again
Meanwhile, in the northern hemisphere.....World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) - I see painted naked people on bicycles!
Back here in Aus: World Naked Bike Ride Australia

The ultimate Alley Cat sprint?

Through the city at nearly the speed of light
Driving at nearly the speed of light? Impossible in real life, but feasible in a computer simulation: A tour through the city centre of Tübingen illustrates what we should see when moving at such a high speed.


  • *baps*

    *night tools*

    A lovely turn of phrase instead of usual vulgarities.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:46 am, May 17, 2005  

  • Driving through the city at near the speed of light: Old news! Some guys in ANU did a better (more realistic) job a few years ago.

    By Anonymous TimC, at 7:59 pm, May 17, 2005  

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