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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Shameless Advertising On Behalf of a Friend

The Sled?

Noice ain't it?

Oooo, that verrryy sexy

Courtesy of Ben from Trisled - Human Powered Vehicles

Well to all those people over the years that I've said "I don't build upright bikes!!" to, this is for you...Look what just fell off my weld/jig table.

Attached is pictures of my new product. It is a single speed with custom dropouts that enable a disk brake to be fitted. Frame is out of robust 4130 cro-mo and Reynolds 531. I even fitted a brooks saddle to the proto for that "old school look" :-)

Please forward to all that may be interested.....gotta pay me bills somehow :-)

Coming soon.....Fixxy:-)

Cheers, Beno


And very reasonably priced, visit our Showrooms soon


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