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Friday, June 10, 2005

Young Man Abroad

Stu gets his priorities straight
Krusovice Czech Premium Lager £1.30

aus.bicycle uber poster and erstwhile PubBUG drinking buddy, is off exploring the delights of the European summer. Peruse the hippy on tour and hippyblog for choice highlights of gallivanting around drinking beer and cycle touring. View the dilettanti's pics from on the road. Lucky bastard.

Re: Last PubBUG event: Rumours abound that Hippy will have a direct sat link to Goat Night.

hahaha I wish!!! I found an internet cafe in Tournai so I stayed another day!! hehehe Nah, that's not really why I stayed, it's just really nice here.. many beers to sample, awesome weather, super nice people, good food..Can I stay, please, please, can i? can i? pretty pleeeeeeaaaase? ;) If I could work out where to buy phone cards in Belgium, we could hook up some kind of international beer-link... :) cheers! beers! gears!
Back to this side of the world. I've planned a mildly serious bike-orientated event this arvo, and the sky west of Melboring has developed lilac, blue and greenish hues. Time to don the bike jacket & plastic strides.


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