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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Weddings, Parties, Anything

Cooo-eeeeee!Photo: Courtesy of Jessica Larva

Necessity is the mother of invention? Severe situations often inspire ingenious solutions. I reckon a prototype, or somehow even borrowing Daniels marvellous invention would be just dandy for little bicycle-themed 10th Birthday Party planned for 25th November in Melbourne.

Daniel Jolliffe: One Free Minute

What would you say, given one free minute of anonymous, uncensored speech? One Free Minute is a mobile sculpture designed to allow for instances of anonymous public speech. When you call the cellphone inside One Free Minute, you get connected for exactly a minute to a 200 watt amplifier and speaker. The speech produced by the speaker can be heard clearly more than 150 feet away from the sculpture. Want to call live? Email us and we'll let you know the number for live calls and the time and whereabouts of the performance the day before it happens.

If One Free Minute isn't being performed live, you can leave a message on its answering machine. Simply call one of the following numbers to leave your one-minute speech:

News: One Free Minute speeches are currently being performed three times a week on an impromptu basis in America's demographically average city: Columbus, Ohio. One Free Minute will be seen and heard at the New Center for Contemporary Art in Louisville Kentucky this fall; stay tuned as we are in the process of scheduling other performances for your anonymous speeches.
Connect live. Email us and the day before the performance we'll send you the live phone number and a description of where and when you'll be speaking :

Email us an mp3 of your free minute:

Borrow it. One Free Minute was built to enable public speech without fear of recrimination. If you're a group that could use anonymous speech for your demonstration, event, rally or protest, ask us- if we're in the neighbourhood, we'd like to help. We'll set up One Free Minute to suit your needs, and show you how to use it.


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