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Friday, August 25, 2006

Cat. Pigeons. Throw.

Yes, please do so

Our 2 cents worth on the Gotcha blog palavar. Nine pages. 260+ comments. Us vs. Them. Two Wheeled Locusts vs. Demented Cagers. Now I'm going back to sleeeeppppp. Probably for most of the weekend.
" .. After quickly perusing these 260+ comments, numerous individuals need to be reminded that under AustRoads regs, cyclists ARE legally road traffic. No if’s, buts or odd personal logic comes into it. Refer to AustRoads (Australian Road Rules: December 1999) if you’re in doubt about the legality of cycling on the roads.

One observation - it’s easier to to scapegoat and demonise a cyclist or pedestrian as they’re not usually cocooned away in a metal shell. Invariably, the perception of cyclists being a high risk on the roads is simply NOT borne out when reading crashstats. Check the statistics for yourself via the RTA to TAC websites, or even find them for your state.

Like Miranda Devines recent criticism of pedestrians and cyclists being somehow in a “invisible shield of righteousness”, many of these illogical perceptions are too easy to maintain, rather than having the self awareness, or indeed, the self control to modify YOUR own behaviour. Be that cyclist, ped or indeed, motorist.

And as cycling is on the rise due to increased petrol prices, maybe it’s more benefical we all step back from the cant, rant and childish hyperbole. Afterall, the motoring industry got it’s start from technology developed by cycling back the in 19th century. We’re currently experiencing another change in transportation technology. My advice is get used cycling becoming yet again a “normalised” activity .. "


  • I could'nt bring myself to post a comment in that thread, the disconnect between that and the AAMI study on motoring stats and attitudes was too much to deal with. We're just going to have to take care of ourselves out there.

    By Anonymous Phil, at 10:02 pm, August 25, 2006  

  • I'm just waiting (and probably will be for a long time, but still) for that glorious day when petrol prices are through the roof and cities are desiging bike lanes like crazy.

    That will be so sweet. I hope I'm still alive for it.

    By Blogger Tuco, at 4:05 am, August 26, 2006  

  • I'm with Phil—no post from me. Apart from anything else the blogs attached to mainstream media sites just seem to be troll-traps where people shout at each other from their self-selected side of an imaginary divide. No real debate, no real listening. What's the point of trying to have a discussion in an enviornment like that?

    By Blogger Treadly&Me, at 12:46 pm, August 28, 2006  

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