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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Rattle & hum

In response to Saturdays Daily Telegraph Critical Mass-flavoured article, here's a comment I sent. Please note, italics denotes text that was deleted.

NSW Greens MP Lee Rhiannon has also issued a press release demanding a retraction of Anita Quigley's opinion piece. More updates and news as I either get time/receive them.

Chain gang chokes city
A biased divisive piece that does nothing to inform the public, as usual the Daily Telegraph is pushing a "us vs them" debate that is totally obsolete.

In case this information has slipped by the DT researchers, Critical Mass has been a worldwide social movement for over 14 years.
Try using Google, just like everyone else is capable of!

As for the "selfish" tag, try removing your blinkers for a moment and consider these points.

Who creates Sydney traffic gridlock on a daily basis?

Who is the most overrepresented group in road user injuries and deaths?

Then ponder this: two weeks ago it was reported that "THREE times as many people die of air pollution in New South Wales than in traffic accidents".

Who creates that? Surely not a relatively tiny road user group such as pedestrains or cyclists.

Sydney is literally breaking apart under the pressure of it's traffic problems and lazy articles such as this are only acting as a petty diversion away from the real issues.

Printing a individuals phone number is extremely spiteful and pointless.

Why not surely print the phone numbers and postal addresses of the lazy incompentent penpushers in the RTA, who's inaction have caused Sydneys ongoing traffic gridlock and pollution?

Australian society has recently experienced a "tipping point" in public consciousness towards global warming, water use, transport opinions etc.

There's a state election in NSW in 2007, the Daily Telegraph should be pushing for ANSWERS to Sydneys transport crisis, not shifting the blame out of all proportion onto a relatively tiny road user group.


  • Here here

    By Blogger timboy, at 11:19 am, November 27, 2006  

  • The daily terror has sunk to a new low! Can we have access to Andrew Carswell and Anita Quigleys contact details?

    This is a travesty of so-callled journalistic standards.

    By Anonymous av, at 2:29 pm, November 27, 2006  

  • I didn't like Anita Quigley's comments about swerving into cyclists much. My initial response was to be disgusted and think 'She shouldn't be allowed to print such dangerous rubbish' but I guess that's just the downside to having freedom of speech and we've got to accept people are able to voice their opinions no matter how ludicrous we may deem them to be. It also means I've the right to think she's being a complete arsehole.

    It's fair enough that she has an opinion conflicting with the theme being put forward by those involved in the Critical Mass demonstration but the manner in which she worded it was rather lacking.

    By Blogger 3Ply Stagliano, at 9:11 am, November 28, 2006  

  • We've been busy again. Pop over to Wheels of Justice & have a read.

    By Blogger cfsmtb, at 12:10 pm, November 28, 2006  

  • 1 strongly worded letter sent!

    By Blogger timboy, at 6:56 pm, November 29, 2006  

  • For Anita Quigley to have written 'It has never occurred to me it might matter to drivers what a cyclist wears because, clothed or naked, with a helmet or not, all cyclists in the city are irritating and I find bring on an overwhelming desire to swerve towards' only to dismiss its potence under grounds of its being 'humour' is pretty ludicrous. Unless she's exceptionally naive (In which case she shouldn't be doing the job she's doing), Anita Quigley is extremely irresponsible (In which case she shouldn't be doing the job she's doing). Even the 'smartass' manner in which she responded to some of the comments about her article shows her lack of consideration for how serious a matter other human beings' safety is.

    I'm not best impressed by her, whoever the hell she is (Obviously, living on the other side of the planet, I had never heard of her before this).

    By Blogger 3Ply Stagliano, at 12:03 am, December 01, 2006  

  • I've emailed them the WOJ text on the matter.

    By Blogger hippy, at 10:09 am, December 07, 2006  

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