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Thursday, November 02, 2006

“We'll all be rooned"

"Two beers and a shandy for the Lady"

Ah shite, bugger global warming, Howard needs to take action on this looming national crisis RIGHT NOW and commence an immediate cloud seeding program over Australia's wheat belt.
The World Today: Drought tipped to reduce beer quality Reporter: Iskhandar Razak
Eleanor Hall: The drought is now set to affect even the quality of Australian beer. A key ingredient of beer, malt, is likely to be of an inferior quality if it's made from this season's grain crop. And Iskhandar Razak reports this could not only affect the taste, but the cost of beer as well. (sound of glasses clinking and burping)
Ok, that story isn't funny. Not remotely amusing at all. But this is frigging hysterical: State denies rego for bicycles. I quite inadvertently ignited a flamefest by posting said article to the Bike-QLD list, and the resulting discussion has gone completely askew with bets (promises?) of illicit sex in public places and the usual rabies like foaming-at-the-mouth tanties regarding cyclist rego. Ho hum.

Scary Coincidence #29504.29 - Compare and contrast the following:
The continuing Reva ballsup, and the Australian cinematic release of Who Killed the Electric Car? Completely dissimilar? Mildly similar? Or same shit, same vested interests shovel?

Now back to fighting the good fight.


  • C - your call for cloud seeding must of been overheard!

    By Anonymous ccr, at 11:09 am, November 02, 2006  

  • Oooo, can we still be friends? Refer to this folks:
    The Hon Jim Lloyd MP
    Minister for Local Government,
    Territories and Roads

    The Australian Coat of Arms
    08 November 2006

    Federal Minister for Local Government, Territories & Roads, Jim Lloyd, today announced that the Reva electric vehicle will be allowed to remain in Australia for a further three months - provided that it undergoes stringent testing to confirm its compliance with the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) for motor vehicles.

    In November 2005 - twelve months ago - the Solar Shop in Adelaide gained approval to import one Reva electric vehicle on the strict condition that they test and evaluate it.

    "Instead of testing the vehicle and attempting to gain accreditation for use on Australian roads the Reva has instead been used for lobbying purposes and has not yet been through the testing process it was brought out here to do in the first place," Mr Lloyd said.

    In addition to offering an extension, the Minister has also offered to pay for the cost of testing the vehicle. "This is a very generous offer, and would not normally be made to a vehicle importer," Mr Lloyd said.

    "By granting this extension, I expect everyone involved with the importation of this vehicle to understand that before it can be used on Australian roads it must be tested and trialled to meet Australian safety standards."

    Mr Lloyd said that it still concerns him that this issue is being portrayed as a lack of support for environmentally friendly vehicles with those doing so compromising the safety of road users.

    "Those turning this into a political point-scoring exercise need to ask themselves if they would be prepared to put their loved ones in a car without the rigorous Australian safety testing that is undertaken prior to any vehicle being allowed to drive on Australian roads."

    "All passenger vehicles entering the Australian market, including hybrid and low energy vehicles, are required to meet minimum standards of occupant protection, and the Reva is no exception," he said.

    "The Australian Government will continue to support the encouragement of environmentally friendly vehicles, but not at the expense of road safety."

    Media Contacts
    James Larsson ( Mr Lloyd's Office ) 0434 305 130

    By Blogger cfsmtb, at 5:52 pm, November 08, 2006  

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