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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Cyclists Hope to Break Cycle of Violence

A group of about 25 cyclists from around the world arrived in this West Bank town yesterday on a peace mission after traveling over 3,300 kilometers. Bernhard Odernheimer, 63, from Germany, said he and his American wife joined the so-called Peace Cycle when it started in London on Aug. 14 heading toward Palestinian areas with a message for peace.

"Our mission is to help governments end their conflicts," he said after meeting Palestinian President Yasser Arafat for an hour at his Ramallah headquarters. Odernheimer, a retired chemist who currently lives in the US state of Michigan, said he heard about the Peace Cycle through the Internet and decided to join it with his wife. They flew to England and joined the group who started in London and cycled to France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and from there flew to the Jordanian capital of Amman. "We stopped on the way and talked to people about our mission and that we want to see an end to the conflict in the Middle East," he said. The team will end its tour in Jerusalem Tuesday where the members will mark the fourth anniversary of the Intifada.