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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Melbourne Stuff

An insurance survey says seven out of 10 drivers of ordinary cars think four-wheel drives are a menace in the city. They argue that these vehicles are driven by arrogant and aggressive drivers and are dangerous to other drivers. But the survey failed to nominate as a key hazard the bullbars on many 4WDs.

Safety fears have forced Melbourne's fleet of red double-decker tourist buses from city streets. Tour operator City Sightseeing has pulled out of Victoria after authorities refused permission for their new open-top buses.

The latest twist in the Mitcham towers saga has exposed flaws in the planning process. The battle of the Mitcham towers may be brought to an end not by protest or legal appeal but through a deal struck between the developers and the State Government. Originally planned as a dual 17 and 11-storey complex, the development may shrink by several storeys despite approval by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal over the objections of residents and the local council.